7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Fantastic art..but why the title is 'Untitled'

  2. Pradeep Says:


    i thought a lot about the title, but whatever title i give to this picture, it was not worth to this picture..so i kept it as untitled..if u come up with some good title, i can keep that :)

  3. kicha Says:

    hmm, i dont understand anything from that picture :-(.

  4. Pradeep Says:


    good, atleast u thoguht to put a comment on this whether u understand or not..

    that is nothing but a child sleeping in a thooli and that thooli is tied in pirai nila..all the stars are twinkling..antha mathiri irukka ipo?

  5. Divya Says:

    தூளியிலே ஆடுதம்மா
    வானத்து மின் விளக்கு!!!

  6. Pradeep Says:


    this song is very much suiting this picture. i never thought about this. thanks.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    தூளியிலே ஆடுதம்மா
    வானத்து மின் விளக்கு!! இல்லை

    தூளியை ஆட்டுதம்மா
    வானத்து மின் விளக்கு!!!